Mes Kauçuk Hakkımızda
Our product range We continue to increase and develop.

It follows the needs of the automotive industry in this area and develops its product range day by day with its vision of continuous investment and R&D. We continue to invest in its modernization.

Quality product understanding along with quality service!

In today's society, an understanding has emerged in the direction of protecting the consumer and securing the quality in the presence of the manufacturer. Based on this issue, we aimed to sell our customers a quality product that they can use without any doubt. Based on our market experience gained since 1998, our biggest goal is to continue the "quality service with the understanding of quality products!", which is the path we have followed so far.

Mes Kauçuk Kalite
Our Vision

Better service, better quality by working hard.

Mes Kauçuk Mision Our Mission

Based on respect for society and the environment;To produce high quality and high added value hose and pipe assemblies suitable for customer needs in the automotive industry. To be a long-term supplier for our customers with our highly motivated, responsible and environmentally conscious, expert staff with an understanding of sustainability. To make a difference in the automotive and other possible close sectors with an innovative perspective and to meet all the expectations of the industry.

Our Values

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